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May 18, 2001 Issue
Local News

Catholics to pledge to renew media

Diocese will take part in a national celebration Sunday for Communications Day

By Sara Eliasen
Diocesan Public Relations Coordinator

Catholics in the Green Bay Diocese will celebrate World Communications Day on Sunday, May 20, by taking part in a national renewal of their commitment to a five-year campaign against the overuse of sex and violence in today's media.

The "Renewing the Mind of the Media" the campaign invites individuals and families to become more proactive in protecting themselves against offensive language and images in television, movies, music and the internet.

The kick-off includes a two-part pledge. The first part is the general pledge to encourage whatever upholds moral values in the media and to reject whatever in the media that encourages immoral conduct and demeans the dignity of the human person. The second part is a promise to do, as an individual or as a family, one or more of the 10 activities listed in the pledge. The activities include talking with the family about the use of the media and contacting a media outlet to approve or disapprove of a particular program.

"The main objective of this campaign is to help people take charge of the way they react to the media that surround us," said Bp. Robert Banks of Green Bay. "Usually we feel helpless to do anything to change what pours into our homes from media producers. This campaign says that we can at least control what we ourselves see, rent, listen to and buy. If enough of us do that, then the media moguls will begin to improve what they offer the public."

The pledge and more information can be found here.

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