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June 8, 2001 Issue

Mass-ive changes?

Liturgy changes should go slowly

By Tony Staley
Compass Editor

Last month's Vatican document, "Liturgiam Authenticam" ("The Authentic Liturgy") spelling out guidelines for preparing and approving translations for liturgy demands caution.

As Card. Francis George of Chicago told Catholic News Service, the guidelines are not a call to immediately change any liturgical language. Priests or parishes are not to anticipate changes, but are to continue using the translations now in effect until new ones are approved and published. To do otherwise runs counter to the aim of the new document, Card. George said.

Meanwhile, some reactions to the document have proven interesting. For example, one group that constantly complains about all the changes in the liturgy has welcomed what is yet another change. Others are wondering about the logic of asking a community at prayer to start the Creed with the words "I believe," rather than the current, "We believe." It's especially puzzling since "We believe" comes from the original Greek, rather than the "I believe" of the later Latin translation.

We truly live in interesting times.

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