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October 5, 2001 Issue

Nation's focus shifts

As always, we need to maintain balance

By Tony Staley
Compass Editor

Last month's terrorist attacks changed our national focus. Issues that topped the national agenda on Sept. 10 were gone Sept. 11.

No longer are we talking about education and Social Security reform or what to do about the disappearing budget surplus.

No longer are we lining up to see the latest Hollywood blockbuster featuring the dramatic destruction of a major city, building or national landmark.

Church attendance has risen, as has giving blood and money to charities that help the attack victims, their family and friends.

People are renewing acquaintances that had gone dormant.

Some of these shifts are good: An end to blow-'em-up movies, an increase in church attendance and charitable giving and the renewing of friendships. The trick will be to continue them.

Other shifts are not good: Education, Social Security and prescription drugs still need attention, for example.

In the end, these uncertain times require us to seek what we always need in our lives -- balance. Putting God at the center by making time for daily meditative prayer is an excellent start.

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