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October 5, 2001 Issue
Counselor's Corner

Switch to Catholic Charities brings new focus to this column

Counselor's Corner ends in favor of broad look at services, programs

By Karen Johnston

For many years, readers of The Compass have encouraged us to write about concerns they have shared with us and we have published an every other week column entitled, Counselor's Corner. As many in our diocese know, the scope and focus of our work in the former Community Services department continues as Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Green Bay.

This broad network of services now encompasses far more than just counseling services for individuals and families seeking assistance from us around the 16 counties. Our services now encompass these services: resettlement and immigration, children and youth, aging and elderly, health with our Catholic hospitals and nursing homes and institutions, and a wide range of community outreach and advocacy.

We still offer individual and family service programs in the traditional sense. However, our focus is also on prevention and education as well as budget and debt counseling, child welfare and domestic abuse services. We want to share the stories of the wonderful breadth of work being done in this diocese in the name of Catholic Charities.

One has only to look at the work being done in each of these service areas each year to recognize the wide range of people in need who find a helping hand and a willing heart from our supportive services. Our commitment is that everyone in the communities we serve who are vulnerable and in need of service feel the healing presence of God in their lives. We want to invite you to help us with this task. Our network needs to reach out more to parishes and other groups who can work collaboratively with us in effecting changes in people's lives when needed and affirmation for all God's people in their strengths, not just their weaknesses.

Each year, our work intersects with the lives of people with diverse challenges. Lives are touched, futures are improved and people are welcomed by Catholic Charities. We offer our skills and experience freely to make a difference when people need it most.

Catholic Charities is truly blessed to have the commitment of so many talented and dedicated individuals who support and live our mission every day. So, while our Counselor's Corner will no longer be available to readers, profiles of program services and the people they serve will be shared. You will hear from many of them over the months to come. We invite you to enter into partnership with us as we seek to offer strength and hope to the people of northeastern Wisconsin. If you have suggestions about how we might more effectively serve people in your parish or community we want to hear from you. Together, we make a difference in the lives of people.

(Johnston is director of Catholic Charities of the Green Bay Diocese.)

Send comments to Catholic Charities, P.O. Box 23825, Green Bay WI 54305-3825.

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