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January 11, 2002 Issue

College seeks to develop Christian leaders for tomorrow

The Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity

"Preach the Gospel at all times; if necessary, use words." -- St. Francis of Assisi

These words reflect the mission of Silver Lake College, a four year liberal arts co-ed college located just west of Manitowoc.

The Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity sponsor the college. Through their Franciscan presence and curricular programming, college leadership calls the Silver Lake community to prayer and worship, provides opportunities for Christian service, promotes a deepening awareness of global peace and justice issues, fosters personal and spiritual growth of the individuals within the community and aims to develop Christian leaders.

Translated on the practical level, this means that opportunities for weekly liturgies and thematic prayer services are offered, faith communities are fostered through small group reflection, people who are disadvantaged or elderly are provided assistance by the students each semester, and a leadership-training program promotes peer ministry.

The atmosphere of Christian Community of the college is conducive to personal spiritual growth. Women discerning their call to Religious Life through the formation program of the Franciscan Sisters at Holy Family Convent, as well as in other religious congregations, are students at Silver Lake College.

In recent years, several men have begun seminary training and studies during the initial months of their college career or after graduating from Silver Lake College. Many of these young people have remained in service to the Green Bay Diocese. Others are serving in geographic areas outside of diocese.

Though sometimes clouded by stress from project deadlines and exams, and balancing responsibilities of study, family and work, higher education is about fulfilling one's dreams. Whether very general or quite specific, most people enrolling in college today seek to discern their dream and answer a call. Silver Lake College challenges students of all ages to consider options available and discover their own unique role in life.

Each choice -- religious life or priesthood, single life or marriage -- is a vocation, a call to service. As a baptized Christian, each individual must answer crucial questions: What is my call from God? And, how can I use my gifts and talents in the service of the world around me and for the good of humankind?

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