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March 15, 2002 Issue

Antidote to one of those days

Despite physical ailment, pope keeps on

By Tony Staley
Compass Editor

Most of us have days we'd rather skip because of tiredness, aches and pains or just because it feels like "one of those days." But the example of Pope John Paul over the last few years makes that harder to do.

Despite numerous physical problems, the 81-year-old pontiff continues to press on. True, as Bishop of Rome, he did have to cancel some recent long-scheduled visits to parishes in his diocese because of knee problems common to older persons.

Still, even though his doctors prescribed two weeks of rest, he still did most of his daily work, including meeting bishops and world dignitaries. His major concession so far is that he doesn't meet guests at the door, but instead waits for them in his chair.

And, in the weeks and months ahead, he has scheduled his normal Holy Week/Easter services and three foreign trips including an 11-day visit to Toronto, Mexico City and Guatemala.

It's worth keeping in mind the next time a day of hooky looks more attractive then a day at work or school.

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