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April 12, 2002 Issue

Why is assisted suicide wrong?

By Brian Farley

A student perspective on euthanasia

Why is physician-assisted suicide wrong?

Students in grades seven through 12 throughout the Diocese of Green Bay responded to this question through their participation in this year's Wisconsin State Council Knights of Columbus Respect for Life Essay Contest.

Essays were first judged at the council level. Council winners advanced to the diocesan level, and diocesan winners advanced to the state competition.

When Moses came down from Mt. Sinai, he was given, directly from God, 10 simple rules for Christians to live by. They became known as the "Ten Commandments." Asking only 10 guidelines to live your life by is not asking too much. One of these simple commandments is "thou shall not kill." Notice the wording of this, it does not say "thou shall not kill except for," it is simply stated "thou shall not kill."

Today it is often said that young (and even old) Christians mix up the meaning of this commandment. People sometimes say, "This is my body, I can do with it what I want." What these people do not know is that this body is only temporary, it is a gift from God and should be treated likewise. If doctors, or anyone else for that matter, help with an assisted suicide, not only are they disgracing God's gift but they are also breaking a commandment. Yet, they stand by their decisions to do so.

Suicide is often seen as a way out. Why? How can something be so bad that it would force someone to take his or her own life? There are so many other things to live for. People do not understand that they affect so many others. Things always have a chance to get better however, if you commit suicide there is no going back, there is no changing your mind.

The number one commitment that Christians should have in their lives is devotion to God. Without God nothing is possible. With the realization of this, the numbers of suicides would decrease dramatically. Suicide, assisted or not, is directly and deliberately disobeying God. There are Christian doctors who assist with suicides because they say it is their job. These doctors are not true followers of God and the way of Jesus Christ.

A doctor is a person who has great potential to help people and show them the way to Christ, however, in this case the power is being used wrongfully. No matter how hard the doctors try to explain themselves, they will still be taking lives from this earth, which the Lord told us not to do. The same can be said for abortion, these doctors claim to be Christians yet, they are leading people directly away from what God has taught, a thing like this is blasphemy.

God made no exceptions when he gave Moses the Ten Commandments. These are the guidelines a person must live by to get into the kingdom of God. It does not apply to only some. Everyone who is a Christian must abide. Every person sins, however, not all people do things that take people's lives.

The main reason assisted suicide is wrong is because it shames God. God has blessed us with so many things and the only thing that we are doing by such a horrible act is mocking the gifts that he has given us. God gave us free will, but he did not give us free will just so that we could make bad decisions from time to time. We must respect everything that God gives us and treat it with respect, especially our lives. God loves us, we should return the favor and respect what he has given to us.

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