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June 14, 2002 Issue

Service, not for what she can get,
but right from the heart

Service is a way of life for young Green Bay woman

By Jeff Kurowski
Compass Assistant Editor

Notre Dame Academy student Katie Vincent volunteers time to others because her heart is in the right place, said principal Tim Schumacher.

"We don't have required service hours," he said. "There are certainly those students who volunteer because they know colleges want it or they can win awards. It looks good on an application. I am absolutely convinced that this is a girl who would do this regardless if there was a reward, recognition or college at the end. She loves to do service."

Vincent, a junior this fall, has received two honors for her charitable efforts. As a freshman, Silver Lake College, Manitowoc, recognized her for parish service. Recently, she won the High School Individual Young Philanthropist Award presented by the Friends of St. Vincent Hospital. The latter award honors her outreach to the community which includes cooking and serving meals at Room at the Inn, a homeless shelter , and participating in the Ss. Peter & Paul Parish Care & Share program, a food drive in cooperation with the Boy Scouts where food is collected, sorted, distributed to the needy and delivered to the homebound.

"I don't even think of it as service," said Vincent. "I think of it as spending time with a variety of people from different cultures and backgrounds."

"The Young Philanthropist Award is really nice," she continued. "It's more of a community award. I have not done this on my own. The involvement of my parents, pastor, principal and Mrs. Jane Hall, our campus minister, all contributed to me receiving this."

Vincent cannot remember a time when she was not involved in service projects. Her parents, Dcn. Mike Vincent, director of religious education at Ss. Peter & Paul Parish, and her mother, Doris, who serves at St. John the Evangelist and St. Francis Xavier Cathedral parishes in addition to Ss. Peter & Paul, have encouraged and supported her involvement, she said. So has her school, Notre Dame, she added.

"I really enjoy the NDA Work Day," she said. "Everyone in the school signs up to do service on this day. It's fun to get a group of friends together to sign up for the same project. This year I helped at St. John the Evangelist. We made cards for the people in nursing homes and the homebound. Notre Dame doesn't make service mandatory, so students don't feel that they have to do it. They want to do it."

Vincent volunteers in the development office, serves as a school ambassador and is a member of the yearbook staff. Fitting service hours into her schedule requires organization.

"I want to be a good student, so that is my first priority. It's normally not too difficult to find time for service. It's fun to get some friends together to volunteer and then afterwards all go out to a movie or do something socially."

Vincent is the second consecutive Notre Dame student to win the Young Philanthropist Award. Katie Wied won the honor in 2001. Schumacher said this award or any future honors will not change Vincent.

"She is flattered to have received this award, but is very humble," he said. "She loves doing it (service) and it's a great testament to her parents. They are the same way."

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