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 Official Newspaper of the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay, WisconsinAugust 22, 2003 Issue 

Queen for an eternal day

Mothers have a special place in everyone's heart

By Roger Vanden Busch

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READINGS: Is 9:1-6; Lk 1:26-38

"For a child is born to us, a son is given us."

REFLECTION: On Oct. 11, 1954, Pope Pius XII instituted the feast of the Queenship of Mary to be celebrated throughout the whole world. We have all heard about mothers being Queen for a Day, but not for eternity or of the universe! Mary's Queenship encompasses her Assumption (1950) and her Immaculate Conception (1854).

In 1670, a Spanish Marian mystic, Sr. Maria de Jesus de Agreda, believed Mary had been elevated to the right hand of her Son and occupied the same throne as the Trinity. Of course, this perspective caused an uproar among Protestant theologians and clergy.

In the reading from Isaiah, darkness finds its answer in a word of hope. Over the reestablished Davidic kingdom will rule an ideal king, acclaimed as "wonder-counselor," one whose counsel will affect his people's wellbeing; a divine warrior. His rule will be established forever, and its character will be justice for all.

The picture of such a reign of justice is an important element in the kingship concepts of the Old Testament. The personality of David becomes embodied in hopes for the future and ideal king. In Luke's Gospel, we listen to the annunciation of the birth of Jesus which parallels the annunciation of John's birth.

We are told Mary's child will fulfill the Jewish hope of the restoration of the Davidic reign. The new kingdom will be eternal. With God, all things are possible. Mary is subservient to the divine presence. She accepts the word of God in humble obedience as the handmaid of the Lord.

RELEVANCE: A small boy sat with his mother in church, listening to a sermon titled, "What is a Christian?" The minister punctuated his talk at key intervals by asking, "What is a Christian?" Each time, he pounded his fist on the pulpit for emphasis.

At one point, the child whispered, "Momma, do you know? Do you know what a Christian is?"

"Yes, dear," the mother replied. "Now try to sit still and listen."

As the minister was concluding his sermon, once again he thundered, "What is a Christian?" The boy jumped up and yelled, "Tell him, Momma, tell him!"

As we celebrate Mary's Queenship, Jesus stands at God's throne and says, "Tell him, Momma, tell him!"

RESPONSE: Let us reestablish "Queen for a day" each day by doing something special for our mothers.

(Vanden Busch, a writer, educator and speaker, is a columnist for Catechist magazine. A compilation of his columns is available at Notre Dame School, De Pere.)

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