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 Official Newspaper of the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay, WisconsinOctober 10, 2003 Issue 

'We need to keep fighting'

Joseph Scheidler takes active approach in fight against abortion

By Jeff Kurowski
Compass Assistant Editor

The next time you see three children together, think about the devastating effects of abortion, said Joseph Scheidler, founder of Pro-Life Action League.

"For every three children there should be four," said Scheidler who will speak at a benefit for the Bay Area Pregnancy Center in Marinette on Oct. 10. "We kill 5,000 babies a day. We live in a culture that kills. If we don't stop abortion, we are not only going to continue to lose children, but we're going to lose our souls."

Scheidler founded Pro-Life Action League in 1980 to save babies through non-violent means. Among the League's efforts is sidewalk counseling where life supporters talk to people considering abortions.

"When you go to a clinic and talk to women, they don't want to have an abortion," said Scheidler. "It's the worst day of their life. It's a nightmare. It may be the boyfriend who is forcing her to do it. She may feel that she doesn't have another choice. We try to educate them and help them. During two weeks in June, there were 20 women who we had discussions with who said they couldn't go through with it. We've been able to save a lot of babies."

Scheidler, who is based in Chicago, wrote a book entitled CLOSED: 99 Ways to Stop Abortion, as a resource for pro-life activists. Stopping abortionists is an important step, he said.

"We go to schools and talk to young medics who may someday be asked to perform abortions," he said. "We picket abortion facilities, demonstrate at the homes of doctors and publish malpractice information about doctors performing abortions, which really angers them. We need to keep fighting."

Scheidler, who has appeared on numerous television programs including Nightline and Good Morning America, won a landmark Supreme Court case for the pro-life movement in February. The National Organization for Women (NOW) filed suit against Scheidler and the Pro-Life Action League in 1986 on charges of racketeering. NOW hoped to end sidewalk counseling and other forms of pro-life activism including Face the Truth tours, which expose abortion methods through photographs.

"Showing what happens when a baby is aborted has proven to be successful," said Scheidler. "I remember a couple that was arguing about abortion. The women wanted to have the baby, but her boyfriend didn't. Abortion has a picture. When he saw what happens, he decided against it. We live in a visual society."

Pro-Life Action League representatives also conduct seminars and conferences, address student groups, speak at pro-life rallies and debate at colleges and universities. The League recruits activists in cities to carry out programs.

"We have many good people including a group in Appleton," said Scheidler. "I'm a recruiter. I'm not Bob Hope, so I'm not going to entertain you. There are funny things that happen along the way that I talk about, but my goal is to get people to take action."

The children are the reward, said Scheidler.

"I love seeing the babies," he said. "I love these kids. We have a big Christmas party with as many as 1,000 moms and their babies. They were going to abort, so you may think they wouldn't be good parents. They are some of the best parents, and they couldn't imagine their lives without their children."

For more information about Joseph Scheidler and the Pro-Life Action League visit

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