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 Official Newspaper of the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay, WisconsinApril 9, 2004 Issue 

A good night to come home

More than 200 around diocese will fully enter the Church at the Vigil

By Patricia Kasten
Compass Associate Editor

The Easter Vigil is the most solemn, and joy-filled, celebration of the church year. It is the night the Lord rose from the dead and brought salvation to all who believe in him.

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Since ancient times, the Vigil has been the night when new members are brought into the Body of Christ through the Sacraments of Initiation: baptism, confirmation and Eucharist.

This Easter Vigil, April 10, parishes across the diocese will welcome their newest members, who have prepared through the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) during Lent. More than 200 people will receive the sacraments at the Vigil. They are called the Elect.

The Elect may be either catechumens - who have not been baptized - or candidates - who have been baptized into the Christian faith, but have not completed their initiation into the Catholic Church.

During the Easter season, these newly initiated will undergo the mystagogia, a period of post baptismal learning that is marked by their new experience of the sacraments and of full participation in the community. The role of all members of the church is to walk with them in the new light of Easter, sharing the journey of faith and the peace that Christ gives.

Below are the names of the Elect that have been submitted to the Worship department.


Sacred Heart: Catechumen: Elizabeth Korth; Candidate: Jennifer Kitten

St. Bernadette: Catechumen: Daniel Evans; Candidate: Clayton Klotz

St. Bernard: Catechumen: Allison Messer; Candidate: Mike Messer

St. Joseph: Catechumens: Robert Hutchinson; Brigitte Klann, Talya Meltzer; Candidates: Casey Adams, David Russell

St. Therese: Candidates: Michael Bauer, Danice Noriega, Nannette Vaughn

Bay Settlement

Holy Cross: Candidate: Matt Utech

Black Creek

St. Mary: Catechumen: Tara Banker; Candidate: William Gilbertson


Holy Family: Catechumen: Ashley Garcia; Candidates: Susanne Galetschky, Kenneth Sebo


St. Francis & St. Mary: Catechumen: Tara Englebert


St. James: Catechumen: Rachel Smithers


Holy Angels: Catechumens: Alicia Reichel, Dan Smith; Candidates: Terrisa Braun, Carlos Del Plaine, Holly Depner, Robert Henke, John Thompson, Jaclyn Trate

De Pere

Our Lady of Lourdes: Catechumens: Michael Guyette, Alyssa Holt, Timothy Holt, Brenda Walton; Candidates: Brenda Chapman, Amy Diederich, Kelly Gamble, Sherry Nolle

St. Mary: Candidates: Julie Etter-Messerli, Zachary Sand


St. Louis: Candidates: Jason Grendziak, Andrea VandenHeuvel

Egg Harbor

Northern Door Catholic Community: Candidate: Elizabeth LeClair


St. Mary: Candidate: Andrea Jones

Green Bay

Annunciation/St. Jude: Candidate: Tom Cubitt

Holy Martyrs of Gorcum: Candidate: Janel Stangel

Resurrection: Catechumen: Natalie Robinson; Candidates: Paul Bohn, Chris Pickering

St. Bernard: Catechumens: Natasha Balasar, Melissa Harper, Elizabeth Jacobs, Timothy Kloida, Jr., Amanda Van Straten, Matt Van Straten; Candidates: Melissa Derkes, Thomas Derkes, William Laakso, Angela Murray, Holly Piontek, Taylor Ritchie

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton: Catechumen: Lisa Roskom; Candidates: Kelly Galarneau, Monica Hawpetoss, Donna Juncer, Walt Lindstrom

St. Francis Xavier Cathedral: Candidates: Jason Davis, Jenna Moen, Sharon Nagy, Ryan Rasmussen, Heather Rieder, Patrick, Zehms

St. Joseph: Candidates: Melissa Burmeister, Leslie Jones

St. Mary of the Angels: Candidate: Kim Kaster

Ss. Peter & Paul: Catechumen: Grace Mullen; Candidates: Todd Bruss, Angela Dugan, Kelly Foral, Patty Hatton, Steven Hrubesky, Scott Leurquin, Connie Piontek, Tracey Siebert, Angela Suski

St. Philip: Candidates: Carmen Guzman, Dany Isaula, Santos Isaula, Angela Trigueros

St. Willebrord: Catechumens: Tesa Rea Bierhals Marin, Eduardo Fiscal, Eladio Fiscal, Sergio Fiscal, Jr., Gerardo Gonzalez, Renee Jaime, Tina Jenkins, Magaly Moran, Jason Murillo, Marisha Nolen, Megan Rhymer; Candidates: Alex Baez, Nerymar Baez, Adriana Campos, Marisa Campos, Jessica Coello, Aida Cruz, Carolina Delgadillo, Elizabeth Esquivias, Juan Figuero, Ana Laura Fiscal, Juanita Fiscal, Juan Gomez, Hernan Gonzalez, Marcela Guzman, Ruth Jusino, Iliana Lopez, Jose Lopez, Rocio Lopez, Sergio Martinez, Luis Moreno, Jesse Perez, Cullen Prunty, Darien Wertel, Julio Zuniga


St. John the Baptist: Candidates: John Thompson, Jaclyn Trate


Holy Cross: Candidates: Paul Miller, Jamie Nankervis

St. Mary of the Annunciation: Catechumen: Kyle Witkowski; Candidates: Ariel Chouinard, Fabian Earl, Gary Farmer


Ss. Peter & Paul: Catechumens: Chad Marks, David Scheibl, Brandon Vogel, Marya Zuchowicz


Holy Name of Jesus: Candidates: Bridget Adams, Karen LeBlanc, Scott Meixl

Little Chute

St. John Nepomucene: Catechumens: Megan Aleven, Stephanie Aleven, Ashley Shuman, Brooke Shuman


Sacred Heart: Catechumens: Leslie King, Kim Wilker; Candidates: Todd Larsen, Sonja Twaraski

St. Mary: Catechumen: Heather Meissner; Candidate: Emily Freitag


Holy Family: Catechumens: David Thiry, Patricia Ugowski; Candidate: Sarita Gruzynski


St. Patrick: Candidates: Trisha Ann Gonzales, Kristen Jackson, Steve Zastrow


St. Gabriel the Archangel: Candidates: Raymond Cruz, Julie Mulroy, Troy Strathmann

St. Margaret Mary: Catechumens: Andrea Remme; Candidates: Elizabeth Remme, LeRoy Remme, Kevin Sebo


St. Mary: Candidates: Rick Albright, Jessica Jaeger, Jennifer Yost


Immaculate Conception, Candidate: Connie VanGheem

St. Joseph: Candidates: Ray Domnick, Candi Everard


St. Josaphat: Catechumen: Glenda Payne; Candidates: Nicole Davis, Cheryl Galicia, Trisha Ann Gonzales, Kristen Jackson, Jennifer Schoenberger, Nicholas Waite, Benjamin Wood, Lena Wood, Steve Zastrow

St. Mary: Catechumens: Nicole Bradley, Evan Johannsen; Candidates: Heather Anderson, Doris Baum, Jean Weyers, Brandon Zima-Reinhart

St. Raphael: Catechumens: Kimberly Beckmann, Brandy Fish, Jennifer Mohrman; Candidates: Kevin Carley, Aaron Erickson, Laura Hoetschl, Carol McIlree, Joseph McIlree, Nancy Rahmlow, Shannon Rahmlow, Bobbi Schlick, Brooke Tindall, Jason Vanasse


St. Margaret: Catechumen: Mary Bruskiewicz


St. Paul: Candidates: Stephanie Ebben, Amber Hadden, Riley Sullivan


Sacred Heart: Candidates: Kevin Gumieny, Melody Kellogg, Cheryl Rouse


St. John Cantius: Candidate: Melissa Anderson


St. Therese de Lisieux: Catechumen: Chester Hansen; Candidate: Ellie DeJardin

Two Rivers

St. Peter the Fisherman: Catechumens: Barbara Byrd, Zachary VanderLinden; Candidates: Beverly Blaha, Monte Greene, Tina Wagner


St. Mary Magdalene: Candidate: Helen Jukubowski, Kim Truelove

White Lake

Ss. James & Stanislaus: Catechumen: Kyra DeWindt


St. Paul, Catechumens: Daniel Dewick, Kevin St. John; Candidates: Michael Larson, Shauna Reiley, Cheryl Tank

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