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 Official Newspaper of the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay, WisconsinAugust 19, 2005 Issue 

Holy See dismisses sexual offender
from the clerical state

Bishop announces decision

By Renae Bauer
Assistant Director of Communications

Reporting sexual abuse

If you know of an incident of sexual abuse of a minor by a priest or deacon, please report it to:

Ann Fox, Victim Assistance Coordinator of the Diocese of Green Bay, at 1-877-500-3580 or (920)437-7531, ext. 8174.

If you prefer to report an incident to someone not employed by the Diocese, please call Bob Johnson, executive director of American Foundation of Counseling Services in Green Bay and a facilitator, who can assist you in filing a report. Phone (920)437-8256.

Green Bay Bp. David Zubik announced Aug. 8 that he has received official word from the Holy See that John P. Feeney has been dismissed from the clerical state.

The decision is in response to a request filed in 2004 by Bp. Zubik who had petitioned the Holy See to have Feeney dismissed.

In April 2004, Feeney received a 15-year prison sentence in Outagamie County Court for sexual assault of a child in the late 1970s. He has been barred from public priestly ministry since 1986.

Feeney's dismissal from the clerical state was officially granted in early June by Pope Benedict XVI and was received by the diocese on July 5. Bp. Zubik chose to notify Feeney of the decision in person, which happened on July 29.

Dismissal from the clerical state means that the rights and responsibilities associated with priesthood are permanently removed.

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