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 Official Newspaper of the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay, WisconsinFebruary 24, 2006 Issue 

New for Lent

Everyday People, Everyday Faith series on prayer is an effort of several departments

By Tony Staley
Compass Editor

Everyday People, Everyday Faith logo
A Compass Lenten series

Lent will begin on March 1, Ash Wednesday, so this week, The Compass starts its annual Lenten series.

There are some major differences over what we've done before. The simplest way to describe the difference is teamwork or collaboration. Our special eight-week series on prayer - Everyday People, Everyday Faith - is a joint effort by these diocesan departments: Catholic Charities, Education, Evangelization and Worship, Stewardship and Pastoral Services, and The Compass.

We have spent weeks planning the series. First, came the theme. Prayer was the obvious answer because most people want to know about prayer and how to improve their prayer life. Plus the diocese's Stewardship focus during Lent is prayer.

Next, we had to decide what to include. We turned to the Catechism of the Catholic Church to determine what the series would focus on each week.

L e n t
 • Everyday People,
Everyday Faith

 • Other Lent articles

After that, we had to choose the writers - two for each week. One would explain the topic and the other would provide a reflection or personal story about the topic. We came up with many names and nearly everyone we asked readily agreed.

These writers would do the main pieces, but we also wanted smaller, practical pieces, resources, things to do for adults, families, children. And, we wanted to involve our readers. So we e-mailed questions to a group of people and invited them to respond for publication. Each week, we will invite our readers to do the same by e-mailing us their answers to additional questions that will run on these pages. Here's your chance to get involved.

In the weeks after our first meeting, we met several more times and between meetings stayed in touch through e-mails, especially as the writers began submitting their articles. We are pleased with the results and hope you are too.

During Lent, there will be changes in some of our regular features. Because Everyday People, Everyday Faith combines the purposes of the Stewardship and Foundations of Faith pages, most regular features on those pages will take a short vacation, with the exception of Fr. Ron Rolheiser's column, which will be on the Family page. And the Sunday Scripture readings will be replaced during Lent by the Praying with Sunday Scriptures for small faith-sharing groups.

As for the future, we hope to work together more. We see this as the sort of collaboration Bp. David Zubik spoke of late last month when he invited parishes and dioceses to look at how they could work together to spread the Kingdom.

We welcome your comments on Everyday People, Everyday Faith and anything else in The Compass.

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