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Lenten Giving/
Easter Joy
Wish List

 Official Newspaper of the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay, WisconsinFebruary 24, 2006 Issue 

Help advance Christ's mission to the needy

Requests for help come from all ages, all needs

By Patricia Kasten
Compass Associate Editor

2006 Lenten Giving/
Easter Joy Wish List

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We are called to advance Christ's mission to spread the Good News of God's love and care. Since 1993, Compass readers have done that via the Lenten Giving/Easter Joy Wish List.

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The Wish List project matches donors (our readers) with community service and ministry organizations helping the poor, elderly, sick and disadvantaged in our area. These groups may not be those we hear of often; they rely on word of mouth for assistance.

Over 13 years, 250 requests were made in the Wish List. Last year, nearly 70% of Wish List participants had at least part of their requests filled. (On average, more than half of those requesting help have received it each year.)

For example, Green Bay's NEW Community Shelter got laundry detergent and a Fox Valley clothes closet received used prom and wedding dresses to give to young women for special spring/summer events.

All it takes to grant wishes is a desire to share Jesus' mission of healing the sick and caring for the weak. That can be as simple as writing a check, making an extra purchase on your regular weekly shopping or volunteering time.

Below are some causes in our area, a description of their work, requests and a contact.

The Compass asks that individuals, schools and parish groups consider these requests as part of your Lenten faith journey.

We also ask that you make direct contact with each group. (Please tell them you read about their request in The Compass, so we can track our success.) The Wish List will also appear on our web site,, throughout Lent.

2006 Lenten Giving/Easter Joy Wish List

Le Royer Hospice, Antigo

This end-of-life program at Langlade Memorial Hospital is sponsored by the Religious Hospitalers of St. Joseph. It cares for 8-10 patients each month and helps 75-80 each year. Sr. Adele Demuling, director, says the hospice needs informational materials for patients, their families and volunteers. Most needed is a $195 video, "On Life and Living: The Hospice Experience," to share with the community. For patients' families, they would appreciate copies of the $2 booklet Gone from My Sight.

"These booklets have helped so many family members as their loved one approaches death," said Sr. Adele. Contact her at (715)623-2331.

Elizabeth Ministry, Appleton

Elizabeth Ministry International helps women and families during child-bearing years. Local parish chapters - across the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia - provide volunteer mentors and resources. Founder Jeannie Hannemann says they are outgrowing their Appleton Resource Center and would appreciate a larger facility as they expand services into Natural Family Planning and build a Life and Loss Institute. They need office supplies and volunteers to work in their shop. They also need volunteers to serve on their expanding Board of Directors and as mentors and prayer partners. They are also collecting baby shoes. Call Jeanne Konwal or Joan Van Epperen at (920)731-3031 or e-mail [email protected].

Journey-Men, De Pere

This new men's group for male students at St. Norbert College offers a place to gather, have fun and explore faith. They offer retreat and workshops, and are opening the Knight Owl Café coffee shop to raise funds. Student counselor Bill Mathias supervises the project. He says they would like a canoe and camping equipment for wilderness trips, a stereo and a Nesco, crock pot and bread machine for the café. Call him at (920)403-4035.

The Bridge-Between, Denmark

This rural retreat ministry, rooted in Dominican spirituality, welcomes 2,600+ people annually, and serves another 8,000 off-site last year. People of all faiths are welcome to study, pray and share meals at this converted farm. The center needs two water softeners for the Granary and Silo buildings, a midsize refrigerator, and office items: postal scale, stamps, copy paper and a subscription to The Compass. Call Kathy Melville at (920)864-7230.

NEW Community, Green Bay

This shelter provides dining, emergency shelter and service referrals. Last year, they served 800 people. Director Terri Refsguard says they need paper products and transportation help: bus tokens, gas vouchers, bikes and bike locks.

"Many of the residents don't have cars," she said. "And those who do, have limited income, which means the majority of residents rely on public transportation or bicycles to get out for job searches and job interviews and to get to their jobs." Call Refsguard at (920)437-3766.

Marion House, Green Bay

This group home for teen mothers offers "a chance to get their lives together and aim for future success," said director Judy Cleveland. The girls attend high school full-time and do homework on the house computer. It needs a printer. Cleveland could also use a fax machine to interact with other service agencies. They also need diapers and baby food, as well as hair gel and totes for the babies' bath supplies. Call Cleveland at (920)496-1478.

Visitation Rural Ministries

VRM offers outreach to and spiritual development for women in rural areas statewide. They offer workshops, contact opportunities and facilitator training. Sr. Toni Jendrasiak, SSND, pastoral associate at St. Joseph Parish in Green Bay, is chairperson of the VRM board. She became familiar with the ministry through a Dialogue Day while serving as pastoral associate at Sacred Heart in Manawa. VRM needs donations toward scholarships for development programs, mailing supplies for their newsletter and items like soap and hand lotion for gift bags. Contact Sr. Toni at (920)497-7042.

House of Hope, Green Bay

The St. Vincent de Paul sponsored house serves pregnant and/or single mothers, ages 18-24, and their children - up to 10 families at a time. They need car seats for infants and toddlers, diapers for older babies and toddlers, and batteries for baby monitors. They also have an on-site laundry and need laundry detergent. Call Jennifer Allen at (920)884-6740.

Wellspring, Green Bay

This downtown, drop-in center, sponsored by the Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross, offers support to 300 women a month. Women come from various faiths and backgrounds and, as Sr. Fran Bangert says, "lack strong support systems." Wellspring needs a new computer, (including printer) and would like software to create resumés and newsletters. They also need a paper cutter and computer paper.

"These items will assist women to prepare resumés, apply for jobs, and improve typing skills," said Sr. Fran. Call her at (920)433-9995.

Mount Tabor Center, Menasha

The youth center offered retreats to 1,800 Catholic youth last year. Director Eden Foord needs 10 twin mattresses because "many of our 55 beds are more than 20 years old and worn out. We want our youth to have a restful night sleep so that they can get into the retreat." They also need laundry soap. Call (920)722-8918

St. Anthony Parish, Neopit

This parish serves an area of high unemployment and poverty, said Sr. Stephanie Spence, pastoral associate. St. Anthony's regularly helps families through its food pantry and "Winter Heat Fund."

"Some of our poor families used to burn wood in furnaces in their home," said Sr. Stephanie. "Some were old and unsafe and they were removed by tribal housing. The cost of propane heat is more than triple what these people were accustomed to. So the parish needs help with funds for this project." Call Fr. Dave Kiefer, pastor, at (715)756-2361.

Chaplain, Oshkosh Correctional

Sr. Susan Clark, SSND, is a chaplain at this medium security prison, which houses 2,000+ men, with more than 350 Catholic. She says "many of the Catholic men have been away from the church for a while" and Catholic reading material helps reconnect them to their faith. She is asking for a subscription to the National Catholic Reporter and for altar linens (12 purificators), an Hispanic musician volunteer and donations for hosts and missalettes for Mass. Call her at (920)231-4010, ext. 2171.

Fr. Carr's Place 2B, Oshkosh

In 32 years, Fr. Marty Carr has built a network of services in Oshkosh, including a food bank and pantry, Bethlehem Inn shelter and St. Francis Free Community Health Clinic. They need a commercial-size pizza oven and outdoor walk-in freezer/cooler for the food bank, and peanut butter, jelly and cereal. The clinic also needs volunteer doctors, dentists and nurses, diabetic supplies, over-the-counter medicines, toothpaste and brushes, and children's books. Call Fr. Carr at (920)231-2378.

Labor of Love, Oshkosh

This "Christ-centered maternity home" for crisis pregnancies opened 12 years ago. They are home for four residents at a time, averaging 12 women and six babies each year. Also, they serve more than 600 women as out-patients. Director Ginnie Anderson says they really need a washer, since the current one "is one its last legs and acts like it's going to walk away. (Both their washer and dryer are over 10 years old.) They would also like a food saver sealer with bags, pots and pans and disposable diapers. Call Anderson at (920)231-6006.

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