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 Official Newspaper of the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay, WisconsinJune 9, 2006 Issue 

Compass wins five awards

Bp. Morneau receives first place honors for column

The Compass won five awards at the Catholic Press Association's annual convention, May 24-26 in Nashville.

The Compass received these awards:

• First place for spiritual life column by Bp. Robert Morneau;

• First place for circulation campaign for the phone-a-thon at Notre Dame Academy;

• Second place for color portrait of Bp. Aloysius Wycislo taken by Rick Evans;

• Third place for an editorial on a national/international issue, "Speculation fever," written by Tony Staley;

• Honorable mention for a story on Fr. Ray Conard written by Jeff Kurowski.

In their comments, the judges said:

• Bp. Morneau "addresses challenging spiritual issues in lucid, insightful prose. You walk away from each column with a lesson to apply in life."

• Having a student call for subscriptions is a great idea - cheap labor as well as the difficulty of saying 'no' on the other end. I also like the training aspect it provided students. A very cost effective effort."

• "I never met Bp. Wycislo, but having seen photographer Rick Evans' portrait of him, I think I know him well. The tentative smile, the eyes probing yet comforting, the relaxed cast of his body, all tell of a warm and gentle man. The dramatic side lighting adds to the strength of the photograph."

• "A strongly worded piece [editorial] that challenges the secrecy surrounding the choice of a new pope. Constructive and well-reasoned, it's a forceful argument for openness."

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