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 Official Newspaper of the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay, WisconsinJanuary 19, 2007 Issue 

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Pilgrimage to Poland, Austria and Germany with Bishop David A. Zubik -- June 1-12, 2007 (click for details)

Only in the Print Edition ...
Only in the Print Edition ...
• Bishop's decision on Oshkosh parishes means no changes
for schools

• Former migrant worker returns as a priest

• Madison bishop receives national civil rights award

• Catholic teen raises pups
to serve others

• House stem cell bill criticized by Bishops' official

• Poverty remains serious blind spot in U.S.

• 2006 was tough year for aid work in Darfur

• Vatican criticizes new executions in Iraq

• Fr. Greg Smith -- God thinks of no one as an 'only'

• Fr. Ron Rolheiser -- By descending into hell, Jesus breathes out God's Spirit

• Scott Fleischmann -- Serving others makes a difference

• Mary Beth Bonacci -- Making changes are good, so let's make the best one

• Charlie Martin -- Even on a bad day you can take positive steps

• Fr. John Dietzen -- Are we encouraging a denial of hell's reality

• Fr. Richard McBrien -- Church unity efforts continue on right path

• George Weigel -- John Paul canonization proceeding deliberately

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Attorney moves from practicing law
to practicing ministry

Dcn. Mike Grzeca served as a judge before entering diaconate training

photo of Deacon Mike Grzeca and Patti Christensen checking the lectionary for Mass readings
EVANGELIZERS: Dcn. Mike Grzeca and Patti Christensen check the lectionary for Mass readings as part of their duties in the diocesan department of Evangelization and Worship, which Dcn. Grzeca heads. (Rick Evans photo)

By Betsy Foley

Six years ago, after 25 years as a practicing trial lawyer, Mike Grzeca presided as a Brown County Circuit Court judge.

Today, he's a deacon and a full-time administrator with the Green Bay Diocese, where he is director of Evangelization and Worship.

What prompted Dcn. Grzeca to move from courtroom to ordained service in the church? He was, after all, making a good living as a trial lawyer. Why give it up?

For one thing, he didn't like the "emotionally corrosive effect" the work had on him, he said. The "I'm-right-you're-wrong" advocacy position - often accompanied by hostility, anger, and defensiveness - affected him.

Even before his circuit court appointment in 1999, he grappled with a prevailing sense of unease, a feeling that there was "something else out there."

Full story ...

• Sidebar: Graduate studies

Other News

 • New Iraq plan draws mixed reactions
    Bishops' president says what we do needs to be evaluated from how it affects
    the Iraqis

 • Facing three ethical challenges
    TEAM Days will address ethics for those in pastoral situations
    Sidebar: What's right?

 • Mass, rallies, marches will commemorate 'Roe' ruling
    Bp. David Zubik will celebrate pro-life Mass at Green Bay parish

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 • Reflection on the Readings by Auxiliary Bishop Morneau --
    for January 21, 2007: Exceptional stories you can't put down

 • Explaining the Scripture by Fr. Michael Stubbs --
    for January 21, 2007: Luke's narrative has a clear purpose

 • Editorial -- Raise the wage
    U.S. Bishops, Catholic Charities USA back needed increase in federal
    minimum wage

 • Editorial -- Balancing the structure
    World Youth Day fees based on justice

 • Eye on the Capitol -- Solidarity key in the national debate over health care


 • Foundations of Faith -- The Lord's Prayer: it's about us
    Petitions cover everything we really need

 • Saint of the Day -- Ridicule didn't keep him from holiness
    St. Vincent began schools for tradesmen

 • Calendar of events

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