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 Official Newspaper of the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay, WisconsinFebruary 2, 2007 Issue 

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Pilgrimage to Poland, Austria and Germany with Bishop David A. Zubik -- June 1-12, 2007 (click for details)

Only in the Print Edition ...
Only in the Print Edition ...
• Glenmore man helps poor children in the Philippines in honor of his
late wife

• Virtual hike from De Pere to Madison promotes wellness

• God sends messengers of faith to teach us

• Sessions aim to keep married couples 'lovers for life'

• Young adults cast out NET for Catholic teens

• Milwaukee archbishop calls for preaching with substance

• Jesuit Fr. Robert Drinan, a former member of Congress, dies

• Pope John Paul II considered retiring at age 80

• State of the Union address draws mixed reviews

• Book shows that Pope Pius XII saved many Jews during
World War II

• Fr. Ron Rolheiser -- Loneliness, if done right, can be healthy

• Charlie Martin -- Followers of Jesus need to check his blueprint

• Mary Beth Bonacci --
If Valentine's Day gets you down,
do something positive

• Fr. John Dietzen -- Sign of peace older than you think

• Fr. Richard McBrien -- Most Vatican II bishops embraced both/and idea

• George Weigel -- Polish church can still regain control of its story

List of articles found only in the Capitol Report special section of the Feb. 2, 2007 print edition

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Generosity of others helps Casey make a home for Nick

After a fire left him unable to walk or talk, people stepped up

photo of Nick Nelsen at home with his mother, Casey
HOME CARE: Nick Nelsen at home with his mother, Casey. Many individuals helped with an addition to the house after Nick suffered an anoxic brain injury in an apartment fire in 2004. (Rick Evans photo)

By Jeff Kurowski
Compass Assistant Editor

When asked by his mother, Casey, if he's happy to be home, Nick Nelsen gently nods his head in approval before returning his attention to a police drama broadcast on TNT, his favorite television channel.

An anoxic brain injury suffered in an apartment fire in 2004 left Nick unable to talk or walk. His burns from the fire were minimal, but the carbon monoxide caused the brain injury. He was placed in a hyperbaric (high pressure oxygen) chamber three separate times to remove the carbon monoxide from his body. (An initial story about Nick was featured in the Oct. 7, 2005 issue of The Compass. [print edition only])

"He's still here," said Casey. "It's better than the alternative, which was death."

Not only is he alive, but he is home, thanks to the generosity of many, she added.   Full story ...

• Sidebar: Sincere thanks

Other News

 • Man finds a 'fast' way to help the needy
    If 10 million people donate Ash Wednesday food money charities
    would help more
    Sidebar: Get involved with fast

 • Diocese again in compliance with national standards
    For the fourth straight year the diocese is a safe place for children

S p e c i a l   S e c t i o n:
Capitol Report

 • Health Care/Grappling with coverage for all people

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 • For a list of articles found only in the Capitol Report special section of the
   Feb. 2 print edition, see this sidebar.

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 • Bridging the Gap by Bishop David Zubik -- 'Don't Put Off Till Tomorrow What ... '

 • Reflection on the Readings by Auxiliary Bishop Morneau --
    for February 4, 2007: We all stand in need of purification

 • Explaining the Scripture by Fr. Michael Stubbs --
    for February 4, 2007: Put the teachings of Jesus into action

 • Editorial -- Sing out -- or not
    Survey finds differences between what musicians and people in the pew think

 • Editorial -- Catholic Press Month
    It's time again to ponder this ministry


 • Foundations of Faith -- A now familiar prayer developed over centuries
    Most famous Marian prayer started as two gospel greetings, later added petition

 • Saint of the Day -- A sister/brother saint team
    Scholastica, perhaps Benedict's twin, had a part in beginning of his order

 • Stewardship: A Way of Life -- Phlox parish assists missions
    Parish practices stewardship as it starts Advancing the Mission

 • Calendar of events

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