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 Official Newspaper of the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay, WisconsinFebruary 9, 2007 Issue 

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Pilgrimage to Poland, Austria and Germany with Bishop David A. Zubik -- June 1-12, 2007 (click for details)

Only in the Print Edition ...
Only in the Print Edition ...
• Both the church and social science warn against living together

• Jury reaches decision in attempted civil suit

• Fr. Arthur Danks, longtime pastor, dies at age 90

• Door County schools will merge to form St. John Bosco

• Prominent religious educator dies

• Ecumenism needs to enter average Catholic's life

• Pope advises young people to become witnesses of charity

• National Catholic AIDS Network to close in summer

• Pope Benedict finds consolation in disciples arguing

• Fr. Ron Rolheiser -- We dare not take the miracle of the world for granted

• Dennis Heaney -- Stewards use gift of time well

• Charlie Martin -- There's more to love than emotions

• Fr. John Dietzen -- Churching of women after childbirth was ancient custom

• Fr. Richard McBrien -- Many questions remain about situation in Poland

• George Weigel -- Liturgical orientation needs discussion

• Kids Chronicle -- Jesus preaches about the Beatitudes

List of articles found only in the Healthy Living special section of the Feb. 9, 2007 print edition

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Bishop's Appeal calls Catholics
to stewardship

Bp. Zubik says the annual effort helps us see ourselves as givers

Bishop's Appeal 2006 Allocation Chart
pie chart showing how contributions to 2006 Bishop's Appeal were allocated to the various agencies and departments in the Green Bay Diocese (click for larger version)
These distributions from gifts help fund the work of the diocese for the fiscal year of 2006-2007.
(Larger version of chart)

SHARING THE GIFTS: Pie chart shows how contributions to the 2006 Bishop's Appeal were allocated to the various agencies and departments in the Green Bay Diocese. (Catholic Foundation graphic)

First in a series on Bishop's Appeal

By Jeff Kurowski
Compass Assistant Editor

The annual Bishop's Appeal is a call to stewardship, said Bp. David Zubik in his homily highlighting the 2007 campaign, which continues to build upon the theme, "Sharing Our Faith."

"The Bishop's Appeal helps us as church to see ourselves as 'givers' rather than 'takers,' as stewards who share who we are and what we have for the honor of God and for the benefit of each other," he said. "By embracing prayer, service and sharing, we grow the church. Through the Bishop's Appeal, God's heart is made visible in us."

The target for the 2007 Bishop's Appeal is $5.25 million. Last year's campaign raised $4.97 million, an all-time high.   Full story ...

• Sidebar: Advancing the Mission update

Other News

 • Church not selling heaven as destination
    Biblicist and papal preacher say leaders aren't making heaven look like paradise

 • Only two priests ever elected to serve in Congress
    Fr. Robert Cornell is still following politics

 • East Oshkosh pastors named
    New pastors, parish leaders and parishioners will suggest parish names

S p e c i a l   S e c t i o n:
Healthy Living

 • Hospital pastoral care: help on a difficult road
    Celebrating life, even in death's face

 More in The Compass print edition:
 • For a list of articles found only in the Healthy Living special section of the
   Feb. 9 print edition, see this sidebar.

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 • Reflection on the Readings by Auxiliary Bishop Morneau --
    for February 11, 2007: Replace unnecessary things with God

 • Explaining the Scripture by Fr. Michael Stubbs --
    for February 11, 2007: Words that should have been said?

 • Editorial -- Salary schedule
    President raises important issue of executive compensation and the increasing
    wage gap

 • Editorial -- Fasting for a purpose
    Challenge will benefit charities


 • Foundations of Faith -- Color Masses remind us to be witnesses
    Red, white, rose or blue, these special liturgies emphasize our role in world

 • Saint of the Day -- Catherine had powerful and painful visions
    Italian saint had the stigmata and could bilocate

 • Praying with Sunday's Scriptures
    Jesus calls us to love those who hate us and to strive to do good to all

 • Calendar of events

Sharing Our Faith: 2007 Bishop's Appeal logo  Sharing Our Faith

  Articles on 2007 Bishop's Appeal

Bishop's Appeal calls Catholics to stewardship
    (Feb. 9, 2007)
   Pie chart of Bishop's Appeal use
   Sidebar: Advancing the Mission update
   Sidebar: 2007 Bishop's Appeal facts

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