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 Official Newspaper of the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay, WisconsinJune 8, 2007 Issue 

Compass wins six national awards

Paper cited for overall excellence in competition

The Compass

The Compass won six awards May 25 from the Catholic Press Association, including an honorable mention for general excellence - the overall content and appearance of the paper.

Here is a listing of the other awards and judges' comments:

• Best local retail campaign: Second Place, "Libertas Treatment Center" by Katie Mann. "Very modern looking. Good black & white reproduction."

• Best advertising volume builder: Third Place, "Business Card Directory" by Amy Kawula and Katie Mann. "Building block program at an entry level point. Reviewing the time line it appears the program was engaged each month with a minimum of nine ads on average. Congrats on securing the business."

• Best editorial on a national or international issue: Third Place, "Can't Buy Santa" by Patricia Kasten, associate editor, Dec. 15. "The writer chooses an intriguing topic - selling saints relics on eBay - and handles it with aplomb. The strength here is the fact-gathering. We learn a lot about the classes of relics and issues related to owning them. But the writer's underlying goal is to inspire. The anti-commercial Christmas-theme twist relies on the real example of St. Nicholas. Charming."

• Best regular special supplement: Third Place (tie), "Respect Life," Sept. 29, edited by Patricia Kasten. "From the death penalty to stem cell research to torture, this publication's talented writers presented viewpoints on many of today's most controversial issues with a degree of clarity and purpose that is to be commended."

• Most effective single piece of circulation promotion: Third Place, "Lenten 3-Month Special," March 24, by Amy Kawula and Katie Mann. "The best slogan of the bunch with use of the word "resurrect" tied to the Lenten season. Only a Catholic newspaper could pull it off. The choice of purple color was a nice touch."

The awards were presented at the annual Catholic Media Convention in Brooklyn, N.Y. Representing The Compass at the convention were Tony Kuick, general manager; Amy Kawula, manager of advertising sales and marketing; and Tony Staley, editor.

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