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 Official Newspaper of the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay, WisconsinJuly 20, 2007 Issue 

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Photo slideshow:
Bishop Zubik's time in Green Bay

Photo slideshow from pilgrimage
to Poland, Austria and Germany

Only in the Print Edition ...
Only in the Print Edition ...
• Special section: Diocesan priests celebrating 60, 50 and 25-year anniversaries

• Green Bay and Appleton churches host town hall meetings to discuss immigration reform

• Sisters of St. Agnes mark jubilees

• Pope relaxes restrictions
on Tridentine Mass

• Pope Benedict to visit New York and U.N.

• Fr. Ron Rolheiser -- Discipleship, not emotions, needs to lead us to love others

• Charlie Martin -- Discussing need for new beginnings and the song Snow (Hey Oh) by the Red Hot Chili Peppers

• Fr. John Dietzen -- The ordination of married converts

• Fr. Richard McBrien -- Italian community, which includes married and single people, may model future religious life

• George Weigel -- Premature American disengagement would lead to genocidal violence in Iraq

• Kid's Chronicle -- Abraham bargains with God for Sodom

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NOTE: There will be no Compass issue published on July 27, 2007. The next issue will be August 3, 2007. Please check this Web site for updates between now and the next print issue.

image of Diocesan/Bishop David Zubik's Coat of Arms S p e c i a l   C o v e r a g e :
Bishop David Zubik named
12th Bishop of Pittsburgh
photo of Bishop David A. Zubik
BACK IN TOWN: Bishop David A. Zubik addresses the news media at Bosco Hall on the diocesan campus in Allouez on Thursday afternoon, July 19, after returning to Green Bay. On Wednesday he was named the new bishop of Pittsburgh, a post he will officially take on Sept. 28. (Rick Evans photo)
photo of Bishop David A. Zubik at news conference after returning to Green Bay July 19
This issue:
Letter from Bishop David Zubik   (en Español)
Pope names Bp. Zubik to head Diocese of Pittsburgh (New since print edition)
Photo slideshow: Bishop Zubik's time in Green Bay (New since print edition)

Items posted July 18 as New since the print edition in July 6, 2007 issue:
Bp. David A. Zubik to return to Pittsburgh as its twelfth bishop
  Sidebar: Biographical info.
  Sidebar: Previous articles on Bishop Zubik

Other News

 • U.S. 2007 Farm Bill affects food worldwide
    Local forums explain wide ranging effects of U.S. funded services
    Sidebar: 2007 Farm Bill Forums

 • Students step up to honor soldiers
    Middle school students certified to play taps

 • Appleton to honor Venerable Fr. Solanus Casey
    St. Joseph Parish was site of Capuchin's first Mass

 • First diocesan CFO turns to new 'evangelization'
    Kurkowski headed diocesan finance dept. for 25 years

 • Counselor calls God 'ultimate counselor'
    Venture brings gospel to home setting counseling

 • Bp. Zubik's letter on Summorum Pontificum

 • Global Outreach prepares youth worldwide
    Director retires, alumni host Baltics visit

Help Wanted Ads

 • Help wanted ads


 • Letter from Bishop David Zubik   (en Español)

 • Reflection on the Readings by Auxiliary Bishop Morneau --
    for July 22, 2007: 'Clean-up' ministries are meaningful
    for July 29, 2007: Personal prayer life trainers available

 • Explaining the Scripture by Fr. Michael Stubbs --
    for July 22, 2007: Martha misses the point of hospitality
    for July 29, 2007: Which is closer to the original prayer?

 • Editorial -- Ending slavery
    Recent reports show that slavery and trafficking in humans is a major problem

 • Editorial -- Taking sting out of fines
    Library allows food pantry donations

 • Eye on the Capitol -- Farm Bill needs to help farmers


 • Foundations of Faith -- A great saint with a big case of mistaken identity
    Mary Magdalene confused with three other women

 • Saint of the Day -- Who Mary is, and who she is not
    Lots of confusion about Mary of Magdala

 • Stewardship: A Way of Life -- Stewards share gifts they receive
    Donation to the Catholic Foundation will go on forever

 • Calendar of events

Sharing Our Faith: 2007 Bishop's Appeal logo

  Sharing Our Faith

  Articles on 2007 Bishop's Appeal

New team members seek to enhance Education in diocese (Mar. 30, 2007)
Church beckons after careers in business (Mar. 23, 2007)
TV Mass attracts faith-filled, loyal audience (Mar. 16, 2007)
Church of Green Bay to grow by 266 at Easter (Mar. 9, 2007)
Catholic Charities uses 'hands-on' approach to spread Gospel (Mar. 2, 2007)
Tigerton area parishes believe in youth ministry (Feb. 23, 2007)
Stewardship plan rests on foundation of prayer, service (Feb. 16, 2007)
Bishop's Appeal calls Catholics to stewardship (Feb. 9, 2007)
   Pie chart of Bishop's Appeal use
   Sidebar: Advancing the Mission update
   Sidebar: 2007 Bishop's Appeal facts

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