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 Official Newspaper of the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay, WisconsinAugust 3, 2007 Issue 

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Photo slideshow:
Bishop Zubik's time in Green Bay

Photo slideshow from pilgrimage
to Poland, Austria and Germany

Only in the Print Edition ...
Only in the Print Edition ...
• Omro's musical pastor retires

• Camp Tekawitha promotes spiritual growth

• Green Bay musician believes music is about God, not him

• Most U.S. parishes will not celebrate St. Patrick's Day
next year

• Catholic organizations support insurance for poor children

• Document on church intended
for teaching

• IRS warns churches to look
at political stands

• Fr. Tadeusz Pacholczyk -- Seductive arguments about frozen embryos false

• Fr. Ron Rolheiser --
Prayer doesn't require alertness

• Mary Beth Bonacci --
Countering the hook-up

• Charlie Martin --
Be at home with yourself

• Fr. John Dietzen --
Consecrated virgins still rare

• Fr. Richard McBrien --
Mass changes, campaigns address role of bishops

• George Weigel -- Petitions at Mass shouldn't have an agenda

• Kids Chronicle -- Jesus teaches about watchful servants

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NOTE: There will be no Compass issue published on August 10, 2007. The next issue will be August 17, 2007.

image of Diocesan/Bishop David Zubik's Coat of Arms S p e c i a l   C o v e r a g e :
Bishop David Zubik named
12th Bishop of Pittsburgh
photo of Bishop David A. Zubik
photo of Bishop David A. Zubik addressing local Wisconsin media on July 19, after returning from Pittsburgh, where he had been named as bishop on July 18
photo of Bishop David A. Zubik at news conference after returning to Green Bay on July 19 MEETING PRESS: Bp. Zubik addressed the local Wisconsin media July 19, after returning from Pittsburgh where he had been named as bishop on July 18. (Rick Evans photos)

Bishop: Still very much in charge until Sept. 28

Bp. Zubik promises to keep calendar full here until he leaves

By Patricia Kasten
Compass Associate Editor

Bp. Zubik may be leaving for Pittsburgh in September. But until then, he wants everyone to know that he is very much in charge of the Diocese of Green Bay.

Full story ...

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When Bp. Zubik leaves, what happens next?
  Sidebar: Diocesan College of Consultors
• Editorial -- Bittersweet

July 20, 2007 issue:
Letter from Bishop David Zubik   (en Español)
Pope names Bp. Zubik to head Diocese of Pittsburgh (New since print edition)
Photo slideshow: Bishop Zubik's time in Green Bay (New since print edition)

Items posted July 18 as New since the print edition in July 6, 2007 issue:
Bp. David A. Zubik to return to Pittsburgh as its twelfth bishop
  Sidebar: Biographical info.
  Sidebar: Previous articles on Bishop Zubik

Other News

 • When Bp. Zubik leaves, what happens next?
    Transition time plans
    Sidebar: Diocesan College of Consultors

 • Couples see marriage as private choice
    Study confirms disconnect between marriage, parenthood

 • A last monstrance blessed by pope
    Monstrance tour includes Shrine's Assumption Mass
    Sidebar: Monstrance schedule

 • Faith Alive steering committee selected
    Diocese announces inaugural meeting

 • Compass Wish List readers spread joy around
    Over the past 14 years, hundreds of local needs met

Help Wanted Ads

 • Help wanted ads


 • Reflection on the Readings by Auxiliary Bishop Morneau --
    for August 5, 2007: God's voice calls for a heart of grace
    for August 12, 2007: Alertness, faith and commitment

 • Explaining the Scripture by Fr. Michael Stubbs --
    for August 5, 2007: Stories open to different interpretations
    for August 12, 2007: If we fail to open others' eyes, who will?

 • Editorial -- Bittersweet
    Bp. Zubik's time to move on brings memories and challenges for the future

 • Editorial -- Catholic history for surfing
    New Website gives historical perspective

 • Eye on the Capitol -- Key to good state budget: Compromise


 • Foundations of Faith -- Protection against the Black Death
    The 14 Holy Helpers besought as aides against illness, including plague

 • Saint of the Day -- Exchanging your life for that of a total stranger
    Maximilian Kolbe died in the place of a soldier, family man

 • Stewardship: A Way of Life -- Vicarious stewards of service
    Those who provide service are not always those who go on the road

 • Calendar of events

Sharing Our Faith: 2007 Bishop's Appeal logo

  Sharing Our Faith

  Articles on 2007 Bishop's Appeal

New team members seek to enhance Education in diocese (Mar. 30, 2007)
Church beckons after careers in business (Mar. 23, 2007)
TV Mass attracts faith-filled, loyal audience (Mar. 16, 2007)
Church of Green Bay to grow by 266 at Easter (Mar. 9, 2007)
Catholic Charities uses 'hands-on' approach to spread Gospel (Mar. 2, 2007)
Tigerton area parishes believe in youth ministry (Feb. 23, 2007)
Stewardship plan rests on foundation of prayer, service (Feb. 16, 2007)
Bishop's Appeal calls Catholics to stewardship (Feb. 9, 2007)
   Pie chart of Bishop's Appeal use
   Sidebar: Advancing the Mission update
   Sidebar: 2007 Bishop's Appeal facts

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