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 Official Newspaper of the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay, WisconsinOctober 12, 2007 Issue 

Three siblings share homecoming royalty

St. Mary Central students elect Engleberts to court

By Amanda Lauer
Compass Correspondent

NEENAH -- Fans probably did a double take - make that a triple take - when the court for St. Mary Central High School's homecoming royalty was announced at a pep rally kicking off homecoming week. Three of the 14 members of the court were from the same family.

All three children of Jim (SMC class of 1959) and Helen Englebert were voted onto the court by their peers. B. J., a senior, Clare, a junior, and Kevin, a freshman, shared the stage Saturday evening at the formal crowning event during the homecoming dance.

For B.J. and Clare, this is their second time sharing the spotlight. They were both on the Winterfest Court of Honor at St. Mary's in February of 2006.

Clare was surprised to be on the homecoming court. "I had already got voted on the court freshman year," she said, "so I wasn't really expecting to be voted on again."

She explained how the voting process worked.

"In each class, the boys vote for the girls and the girls vote for the guys. For freshmen and sophomores, there is one couple, for juniors there are two, for seniors there are three."

It didn't register with her immediately that being on the court with both of her brothers was that significant.

"They announced it in the morning," she said, "so it kind of surprised me and then all day people kept coming up and telling me, 'Aw, all three of you are on court.'"

To make this event even more special, B.J. was crowned homecoming king.

"The entire school voted for the king and queen," he said. "I think part of (his election) probably was that the kids in my sister's and brother's classes knew me more than they knew the other two guys on the senior court."

Kevin had no clue that he would be voted onto the court. "I didn't think all three of us were going to make it," he said.

He has a theory as to why the girls in his class voted for him. "I'm involved in a bunch of things and my sister and my brother go to St. Mary's. I guess I'm kind of outgoing and I met some of the new people."

All three Englebert students are active in extra-curricular activities at St. Mary's.

Kevin plays on the junior varsity football team and has seen some time on the varsity squad. He plans on trying out for basketball this fall.

Clare runs cross country, plays basketball and is a mid-fielder on the varsity soccer team which went to state two years in a row and won the state championship this past June. Both she and B.J. are on the math team and on student council.

B.J. ran cross country and played basketball his freshman and sophomore years, ran track as a junior and played football his junior year and this year.

It was a busy week for all the students at St. Mary's. In addition to the pep rally, there were competitions between the classes including tug-of-war, air band, powder puff football for the girls and volleyball for the guys. The week wrapped up with a parade on Friday featuring floats built by each class, the football game against Manitowoc Lutheran Friday night and the homecoming dance Saturday evening.

B.J. said that coaching powder puff football was the highlight of his week, especially when his team beat the freshman team his brother helped coach "by a landslide."

Kevin liked the powder puff games too but, in typical sibling style, claimed his brother's team cheated.

The most exciting thing for Clare was the dance.

As a senior, B.J. appreciated his last high school homecoming. "It's probably the best week of the whole school year. We had a lot of fun with all the activities going on."

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