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 Official Newspaper of the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay, WisconsinJanuary 11, 2008 Issue 

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Compass pilgrimage to Rome and Paris -- May 3-13, 2008 (click for details)

Photo slideshow with audio:
Bishop Zubik farewell Mass

(best viewed with a high-speed Internet connection; requires Flash plug-in)

Photo slideshow:
Bishop Zubik's time in Green Bay

Photo slideshow from pilgrimage
to Poland, Austria and Germany

Only in the Print Edition ...
Only in the Print Edition ...

• NAFTA changes worry Mexican church leaders; Change in free trade agreement could impact Mexican farmers, lead more people to emigrate north

• Man accused of spiking woman's drink with abortion drug vanishes

• Survey looks at how well
Catholics sing

• Saint's body to be exhumed, displayed for veneration

• Peace in Uganda not easy; Priest says taking final steps to lasting peace continues to be challenge

• Archbishop Donald W. Wuerl -- Finding place for adult catechism; Catholic catechism is a welcome tool for adult faith formation

• Fr. Ron Rolheiser -- Every age sees moral progress, regression; Words to remember when debating whether morality is in decline within secular culture

• Charlie Martin -- When you see friends going down, be the one to carry them home

• Fr. John Dietzen -- No one can 'buy a Mass'; Being remembered at Mass not same as Mass' intention

• Fr. Richard McBrien -- Reacting to Romney's religion speech; New York Times' letter writers challenge candidate's assertions

• George Weigel -- Could Islam benefit from leader like Leo XIII? Review of 19th century pope's pontificate gives credence to idea

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photo of Patti Nguyen lighting a lantern in preparation for a pro-life rally in Green Bay in 2006 left arrow GEARING UP FOR MARCH: Patti Nguyen of St. Willebrord Parish in Green Bay lights a lantern in preparation for a pro-life rally at Baird Place in Green Bay in 2006. Diocesan parishes and other pro-life groups will commemorate the 35th anniversary of Roe v. Wade later this month. (Rick Evans photo)

List of pro-life events

Other News

 • Diocese denies fraud charges
    Director of administration says diocese will 'vigorously defend' itself
    against charges

 • Annual pro-life Mass takes place Jan. 18 in Green Bay

S p e c i a l   S e c t i o n:
Vocations Life
Vocations Awareness Week: Jan. 13-19, 2008

 • Their paths diverged, but only for a while
    Frs. Long and Doerfler grew up in Appleton, work for diocese

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 • For a list of articles found only in the Vocations Life special section of the
   Jan. 11 print edition, see this sidebar.

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 • Reflection on the Readings by Auxiliary Bishop Morneau --
    for January 13, 2008: Clarification of our identity and mission

 • Explaining the Scripture by Fr. Michael Stubbs --
    for January 13, 2008: Jesus' baptism fulfills all righteousness

 • Silver and Gold by Deacon Reinhart Wessing (new column) --
    Remembering when wood for winter was 50 cents

 • Editorial -- Pre-emptive strike
    Abortion-rights lawmakers want to repeal Wisconsin law prohibiting abortion

 • Editorial -- Remembering survivors of clergy sexual abuse


 • Foundations of Faith -- He who had no beginning, shows us how to begin
    Sacraments of initiation give us strength on the journey

 • Sites of Tour -- Goddess gave way for Mary
    Roman basilica dedicated to Mary after an August snow

 • Your Catholic Neighbor -- Out of suffering comes service
    Personal challenges help Rose Vandervest find way to serve people in need

 • Calendar of events

Sharing Our Faith: 2007 Bishop's Appeal logo

  Sharing Our Faith

  Articles on 2007 Bishop's Appeal

Benefits of Bishop's Appeal discussed (Nov. 2, 2007)
New team members seek to enhance Education in diocese (Mar. 30, 2007)
Church beckons after careers in business (Mar. 23, 2007)
TV Mass attracts faith-filled, loyal audience (Mar. 16, 2007)
Church of Green Bay to grow by 266 at Easter (Mar. 9, 2007)
Catholic Charities uses 'hands-on' approach to spread Gospel (Mar. 2, 2007)
Tigerton area parishes believe in youth ministry (Feb. 23, 2007)
Stewardship plan rests on foundation of prayer, service (Feb. 16, 2007)
Bishop's Appeal calls Catholics to stewardship (Feb. 9, 2007)
   Pie chart of Bishop's Appeal use
   Sidebar: Advancing the Mission update
   Sidebar: 2007 Bishop's Appeal facts

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