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 Official Newspaper of the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay, WisconsinFebruary 8, 2008 Issue 

List seeks donors to bring Easter wishes to needy

Wish List project has granted more than 200 wishes in 15 years

By Patricia Kasten
Compass Associate Editor

2008 Lenten Giving/
Easter Joy Wish List

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During our Lenten journey, we are called to pray, fast and give alms. One way we can do that is by helping others to help others. (That's like giving twice.)

L e n t

Since 1993, Compass readers have shared in the Lenten Giving/Easter Joy Wish List. The Wish List project matches donors (our readers) with community service and ministry organizations helping the poor, elderly, sick and disadvantaged in our area.

Over these 15 years, 272 requests were made through the Wish List. Last year, 50 percent of list participants had at least a part of their requests filled. (On average, at least half of the agencies requesting help have received it each year.)

For example, last year, St. Vincent de Paul's House of Hope in Green Bay, which gives shelter to pregnant and new moms, received cribs and laundry soap. Development director, Jennifer Allen, is happy to be included in the Wish List again this year. "Thank you," she said to The Compass. "We were very blessed last year and are grateful to your generous readers."

All it takes to grant more wishes this year is your desire to share in Jesus' call to heal the sick and care for the weak and needy. Doing so can be as simple as writing a check, making an extra shopping purchase or volunteering time.

Listed below are some causes in our area and a description of their work, requests and a contact person. Whatever you choose, be certain to tell them that you read it in The Compass, so that the project can continue to grow.

The Compass asks individuals, schools and parish groups to consider these requests. We also ask that you make personal contact with each group and tell them that you want to help. Tell them to which request you are responding. Even if you wish to remain anonymous, telling the group that you read about them in The Compass will help us track the success of The Lent Wish List.

The Wish List will also be on our Web site,, through Lent.

2008 Lenten Giving/Easter Joy Wish List

Horizon Adult Day Care, Antigo

This day care facility provides activities, companionship and peer support in a safe, structured environment for seniors in Langlade County, especially those suffering physical, emotional or mental impairments. Karie Matz says they need a lift chair for the main room, as well as a Mix Master. Several of the seniors bake for the others while they are there and need a new mixer. Call Matz at (715)627-0657.

Le Royer Hospice, Antigo

This end-of-life program at Langlade Memorial Hospital is sponsored by the Religious Hospitalers of St. Joseph. It cares for 8-10 patients each month and helped 95 last year. Sr. Adele Demuling, director, says they need a copy machine. They also need thermal blankets for patients. For their staff and volunteers, they would like the "Compassion in Action" video, which costs $260. Contact Sr. Adele at (715)623-2331, ext. 793.

Catholic Youth Expeditions, Appleton

In 2002, Fr. Quinn Mann (then a seminarian, now associate pastor at St. Pius X Parish) began taking youth on camping trips that combined prayer, Gospel exploration and outdoor adventure. Their base camp is on Chambers Island, Door County, where the diocesan retreat house is located. They also take trips to Upper Michigan. Fr. Mann says they need 10 kayaks and five canoes, as well as paddles and life jackets. Call him at (920)284-8278.

The Bridge-Between, Denmark

This rural retreat ministry, rooted in Dominican spirituality, welcomes 2,600+ people annually, and serves another 8,000 off-site each year. People of all faiths are welcome to study, pray and share meals at this converted farm. The center needs to upgrade their printer/copier, and paper for it as well. With their focus on earth-friendly living, they'd like to replace their old refrigerator/freezer with an energy efficient one. They also need a large wheelbarrow, as well as jelly jars and sugar to make homemade preserves. Call Anita Barfoot at (920)864-7230.

Green Bay Medical and Sewing Mission

This mission, started 10 years ago by two nurses, gathers and ships supplies to missions in 19 countries, several U.S. states, and helps local elderly. (See article in Feb. 1, 2008 issue.) Their big wish is a photocopy machine. They could also use school supplies (even partially used) and personal care items for hygiene kits. Any unused medical supplies are welcome. Contact Kay Daugherty at (920) 434-1264.

House of Hope, Green Bay

This St. Vincent de Paul project serves pregnant and/or single mothers, ages 18-24, and their children - up to 10 families at a time. Last year, they helped 30-35 families, with 40-50 children. They need new high chairs, as well as booster chairs with straps. Development director Jennifer Allen said they also need laundry soap and dryer sheets, as well as dish soap and disposable gloves. Call her at (920)884-6740.

Marion House, Green Bay

This group home for pregnant teens and teen mothers can take in eight residents and eight children at one time. Mallory Tomasovich, case manager, says they would like a PC computer, hopefully with a printer, to provide their residents with the Internet for homework research. They would also like a DVD/VCR player combination for entertainment and the exercise videos the new mothers use. Call Tomasovich at (920)496-1478.

NEW Community Shelter, Green Bay

The shelter provides dining, emergency shelter and referrals. Last year, they helped 800 people and served 81,000 others in their meal program. Development director Kris Olson says they would like two flat-panel 32-inch or larger TVs for the lobby and common area. The shelter has its own channel for classes, bus and visiting professionals' schedules. They also need towel sets and bedding, as well as bike locks and bicycles, since these are clients' main transportation. Call Olson at (920)437-3766.

St. John the Evangelist Shelter, Green Bay

This downtown Green Bay homeless shelter opened in November and has taken in 50 people and more for overnight shelter during the coldest winter weather. It is an emergency facility, run by the parish with help from the Green Bay Diocese. It will operate until April 15. They need diabetic food items, and men's gloves, underwear and T-shirts, as well as women's shoes, pajamas and bathrobes. Beyond that, they also need a battery operated reading lamp for the check-in desk, two 20-foot extension cords, and a standing towel drying rack for the showers. The diocesan liaison is Lynne Rasmussen. Call her at (920)435-6850 or e-mail her at [email protected].

StreetLights Outreach, Green Bay

This nighttime outreach has provided food and companionship to the homeless and marginalized people in at-risk neighborhoods of Green Bay for three years. They are able to offer food and beverages each week from April to October, and also sponsor block parties attended by up to 150 people. During the January cold snap, they also had a cook-out at Green Bay's St. John the Evangelist Shelter and served 40-50 people. Volunteer Tony Pichler said that each block party's food costs run from $150 to $250. He said that gift cards to local buying clubs, like Sam's Club, would help purchase food. Call him at (920)272-8268.

Wellspring, Green Bay

This downtown, drop-in center, sponsored by the Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross at Bay Settlement, assists up to 250 women a month. (The numbers are up 50 from previous years.) The women come from various faiths and ethnic backgrounds and need help, as Sr. Fran Bangert says, "to move from oppressive situations." She said Wellspring needs a digital camera to replace the disposable cameras they've been buying for marketing purposes. They also need toilet paper, kitchen paper products and garbage bags. Call Sr. Fran at (920) 431-0155 or 433-9995.

Elizabeth Ministry, Kaukauna

Elizabeth Ministry International provides mentoring, hope and healing on issues related to human sexuality, relationships and reproductive concerns, as well as family and child-bearing issues. Local parish chapters - across the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia - provide mentors and resources. Last fall, they expanded to a new center in a former convent in Kaukauna, to include the Life and Loss Institute.

Founder Jeannie Hannemann says their biggest need is someone to update - or fund costs of updating - their Web site; "specifically our online gift shop, to establish podcasts and other downloadable resources." They also need a wheelchair ramp, as well as office supplies, household paper supplies and coffee and tea for the tea room. Call Amber Yost at (920)766-9380 or online at

Mount Tabor Center, Menasha

Director Eden Foord says this is one of only two staffed youth retreat centers in Wisconsin. This year, he expects they will offer retreats and workshops for 2,800 Catholic youth. Foord says the center expanded their dining room last year and needs 75 chairs. They would also like a network server for their computer system. They also need laundry soap. Call Foord at (920)722-8918.

Fr. Carr's Place 2B, Oshkosh

For 33 years, Fr. Marty Carr built a network of services for the needy and ill in Oshkosh, including a food bank and pantry, Bethlehem Inn shelter and St. Francis Free Community Health Clinic. Fr. Carr died last June, but his work to the needy continues. Interim director Deacon Keith Holschbach says they need kitchen appliances for the Mother Teresa Center, which is where they host their free Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas meals, as well as other community gatherings. Since the center has no kitchen facilities, water needs to be carried from the residence halls and food is prepared in roasters or microwave ovens. They would also like two laptop computers, a printer and bookkeeping software for the health clinic. Call Deacon Holschbach at (920)231-2378.

Chaplain, Oshkosh Correctional Institution

School Sister of Notre Dame Susan Clark is a chaplain at this medium security prison, which houses 2,050 men, with 320 registered as Catholics. She says they need 55 "New Heritage Missals" for worship and a new Sacramentary. She would also like a 4-CD set on "Transformation" or "Adam's Return" both by Fr. Richard Rohr. Sr. Susan wants the CDs for education and said, "Ongoing education for transformation and change is integral to anyone's spiritual development, both inside and outside of prison walls." Call her at (920)231-4010, ext. 2171.

Labor of Love, Oshkosh

This "Christ-centered maternity home" houses up to four residents at a time, and is currently helping 39 women and families through its new resource center. Additionally, they serve more than 600 women as out-patients. Director Ginnie Anderson says they would like an ultrasound machine because they have found that "nine out of 10 women who see their baby with ultrasound choose life for their baby." They would also like funds to hire a nurse manager to offer STD testing. They always use new infant car seats. Call Anderson at (920)231-6006.

(Nancy Barthel contributed to this story.)

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