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Three-Year Subscription: $75.00 (126 issues)

To subscribe or renew your subscription, send your name, address, city, state, zip code and the name of your parish (if in the Green Bay Diocese) by completing one of the following options:

  • Mail completed information to: The Compass Circulation, P.O. Box 23825, Green Bay, WI 54305-3825
  • VISA or MasterCard Phone Orders: 920-272-8208
  • FAX: 920-437-9356
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Parish Subscription Options

Receive substantial discounts of your award-winning newspaper by subscribing with one of the following options:

Parish Coverage:

Click here to review Parish Coverage for only $15.50 per family.

Leadership Coverage:

Click Here to review information on Leadership Coverage, mandated for all parishes in 1999 to ensure all leaders continually receive The Compass for only $21.50 per family.

For more information on Parish Subscription Options, please contact: Amy Kawula, Advertising & Marketing Manager, 920-272-8212, e-mail: [email protected]


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